The story about a glass of coffee

One day, a professor invites his friends to drink coffee together in his house. Friends of teh professor, come from a respectable background. Some of them are people who are very rich in the city.

When his friends have come together, he immediately told his friends to take the coffee that has been provided on the table. One by one his friends took the cup that has been provided on the table. The cups is made of ceramics which is very famous and very expensive.

Not long, everyone has been holding the cups and began to drink their coffee. Professor see that on the table only one glass that is not used, that glass is made of plastic. Professor then told his friends to silent for a moment and he began to speak.

“Look in the cup in your hands! The cup is made of ceramics which is very expensive and I get it from a very far country. Then see the cup on this table. The cup is made of plastic and the price is very cheap. Why one of you all do not want to use this cup?”
“Everyone wanted to satisfying themselves with all things that looks good and beautiful. Every day in our lives , a beautiful and expensive option is always the key in our lives, so we do not care about this ugly plastic cups. You know, we always see our brothers from the beautiful clothes, beautiful face, wealth, power, and we forget that we actually want to drink a glass of coffee and not the cup. We are affected by the form of a cup that we see, so that we forget the coffee that is in it. My best friend, drink your coffee with closed eyes, forget the beauty of the cup, because the cup does not affect the beauty of coffee that we love.”

Sometimes we judge someone from the outside appearance only. So that we do not care about him.

From my love.

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