Profile Darin Mumtazah And Photo

Foto Darin Mumtazah
In recent months Darin Mumtazah became a very popular figure in cyberspace. Many people are deeply interested in this beautiful girl so that they continue to search for Darin Mumtazah profile on the internet. Latest photos of Darin Mumtazah still hunted, and can be easily found in online media, social networks and forums.

Who is Darin Mumtazah?
Darin Mumtazah was a young girl who has been linked with the corruption case of former PKS president Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq. She even mentioned already married by Lutfi Hasan Ishaaq. Here is a profile of Darin Mumtazah obtained from various sources.

Name: Darin Mumtazah
Date of Birth: March 29, 1994
Place of Birth: Bondowoso
Parents: Ziad & Ummi
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Profile Natasha Rizki Pradita And Photo

Foto Natasha Rizki Pradita
Natasha Rizki Pradita or familiarly called Natasha Rizki was born in Padang, West Sumatra on 23 November 1993. She is an Indonesian actress. Natasha Rizki began her career in the selection of cover girl in 2008. Her first major soap opera titled Cinta Cenat Cenut, when she was cast as Putri.

In 2013, Natasha Rizki married to former drummer of Club Eighties, Deddy Mahendra Desta.

Name: Natasha Rizki Pradita
Other Name: Chacha
Date of Birth: 23 November 1993
Place of Birth: Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Occupation: actress
Husband: Deddy Mahendra Desta
Religion: Islam

Radio Galau FM (2012)

Soap Opera
Cinta Cenat Cenut (Trans TV)
Ku Pinang Kau Dengan Bismillah (SCTV)
Anissa dan Anissa (SCTV)
Jalan Ke Surga (Indosiar)
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Profile Bella Shofie And Photo

Foto Bella Shofie
Bella Shofie was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on February 5, 1990. This beautiful girl is an Indonesian actress and singer. Her name became known when she won a beauty contest in Medan in 2008. Her debut on television was when she played in television movie (FTV) titled I Love You. This time Bella Shofie has starred in a number of FTV.

Name: Bella Shofie
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of Birth: February 5, 1990
Parents: Hamzah Nasution
Zodiac: Aquarius
Occupation: Singer, actress
Twitter: @ bella_shofie

I Love You
Cinta Cewek Matre
Plis Deh Jangan Lebay
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Profile Tara Basro And Photo

Foto Tara Basro
Andi Mutiara Pertiwi Basro, or better known as Tara Basro, is one of Indonesia's talented young actress who was born on 11 June 1990. She also worked as a model. After her debut in the movie Catatatn Si Boy in 2011, Tara continued her journey as an actress in the movie Hi5teria.

Tara Basro also became a model for NOAH Band latest music video, "Jika Engkau". In 2013, Tara Basro rumored if she has a special relationship with Ariel Noah.

Name : Tara Basro
Real Name : Andi Mutiara Pertiwi Basro
Birth Place : -
Birth Date : 11 June 1990
Occupation : Model, Actress

  • Catatan Harian Si Boy
  • Hi5teria
  • Make Money, Rumah dan Musim Hujan
  • Killers

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Profile Diego Michiels and Photo

Profile Diego Michiels - Diego Michiels was born in Deventer, Netherlands, on August 8, 1990. He is an Indonesia-Netherlands footballer, who was naturalized to strengthen the Indonesian national team. His father, Robbie Michiels, originally from Jakarta, while his mother, Annet Kloppenburg is a Dutch citizen. Diego also still have Timor blood derived from her grandmother.

Diego Michiels Photo
Diego Michiels began his career at amateur club, RDC Deventer, before being recruited by Go Ahead Eagles for the junior team. Since joining the national team of Indonesia, the naturalized player who usually operate as a left back directly into a new idol for young women in Indonesia. Unfortunately at this time Diego Michiels had love with a talented young actress Nikita Willy.

Full name: Diego Michiels
Date of Birth: August 8, 1990
Place of birth: Deventer, Netherlands
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Parents: Robbie Michiels and Annet Kloppenburg
Occupation: Soccer Player
Position: Defender
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