The Next President Of Republic Indonesia

Who will become The Next President of Republic Indonesia? All was still becoming the mystery, and was not having one person who could predict what will happen this 2009.

The SBY success story with the Democrat in the Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 was not free from various policies that really were spoken of highly by the small community in this Country. The BLT program made the poor community believe that their President at this time, SBY, really cared about poor people's fate. That always made this nation always put their hands as the sign begged. Always hoped in help, ask for and always asked for help.

At this time had many names that entered as the candidate of The Next President of Republic Indonesia. Apart from SBY, there were Megawati, JK, Prabowo and Wiranto. All the candidates had strength and weaknesses as a leader. We hoped the Indonesian people could consider well, who is the president candidate that could bring this nation left the global crisis and became the safe and prosperous nation.

Let's make successful “Pemilu Damai Indonesian 2009” in the Pemilihan Presiden Indonesia 2009.

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