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Sammy Kerispatih

Real Name: Hendra Samuel Simorangkir
Birth Place: Bandung
Birth Date: 08 September 1982
Religion: Kristen
Father: D. N. Simorangkir
Mother: Tiur Ida Simanjuntak

Hobby: Tidur
Favorite Food: Sate
Favorite Drink: Air putih
Favorite Movie: Pearl Harbor
Weight: 74 kg
Height: 176 cm
Education: Institut Musisi Indonesia

Sammy Kerispatih Biography 

Hendra Samuel Simorangkir or familiarly called Sammy, was the lead singer of the band Kerispatih. Before joining Kerispatih, Sammy had followed the first season of INDONESIAN IDOL and drove up to the Top 30.

With Kerispatih, Sammy has released 1 album compilation, GULALIKUSTIK (2004) and 3 single albums, Kejujuran Hati (2005), Kenyataan Perasaan (2007) and Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu (2008).

In private life, the youngest of three brothers, had several times in a relationship, had a relationship with Nania Idol, beautiful model Natalia and Andrea Dian. Even Sammy relationship and Andrea, had become the media spotlight, because Sammy had suspected an affair with another woman.

Sammy Kerispatih has completed his studies at the Musicians Institute of Indonesia, the Department of Percussion, back into the hot gossip at the end of 2009. He is accused of stealing a car of a woman named Giska. Sammy finally picked up by police officers on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 for tests. Then in early 2010, the police arrested Sammy again because Sammy was caught taking drugs of shabu. In the arrest, he was not alone, but with a woman initials RA, which until now was checked with Sammy.

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