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Popular name : Dhea Imut
Real name : Claudia Annisa
Religion : Islam
Birth Place : Jakarta, Indonesia
Birth Date : February 29, 1996
Mother : Masayu Chairani
Father : Indra Kusuma

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Dhea Imut, Artis Indonesia, which has the full name Claudia Anissa was born in Jakarta, February 29, 1996. Dhea Imut began her career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. At that time, Dhea Imut appointed to star in an ad.

Dhea obtained Imut name after joining the "Tiga Bocah Imut", and had released an album of children. Dhea Imut debut in the soap opera, PANJI MILLENNIUM MAN. Her name is increasingly soared after starring in soap operas BIDADARI 3. In addition, she also played in the soap opera TANGISAN ANAK TIRI, KEHORMATAN, MUTIARA, and PENJAGA HATI.

Dhea Imut had problems with the production house, Sinemart, and became a public conversation in 2009. Dhea reportedly sold her virginity to the Sinemart boss , Leo Sutanto. Dhea's mother held a press conference to clarify the news.

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 Foto Dhea Imut
Foto Dhea Imut
 Foto Dhea Imut

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