Sinetron Indonesia - Mawar Melati di SCTV

Sinopsis Sinetron Mawar Melati

Sinetron Mawar Melati, talk about Adwin (ARI WIBOWO), a man who was working on projects in his village. Adwin has a pregnant wife in the city, Renata (FEBBY Febiola). In the village, Adwin also has a pregnant wife, Anna (RHEINA ipeh). Anna had never thought if Adwin already married. Anna finally found out this fact when she met Adwin, at his residence in the village, but she was cruelly driven by Adwin. Anna was hurt.

A few months later, Anna's daughter and Renata's daughter were born at the same time in the same hospital, in the village. Because she was disappointed to Adwin, Anna was desperate to exchange her baby with Renata's baby. And she was treating her like a stepchild.
Mawar (Aryani Fitriana) is ADWIN's daughter, from ANNA. While Melati (Chelsea Olivia) is ADWIN's daughter, from Renata. As the name implies, Melati is a very patient child, Good mind, and steadfast. While the Mawar, is a Spoiled children, and often quarreled with her mother, Renata. Anna opened the flower shop, but the fate of Melati is very sad, because Anna was never satisfied with all that done by Melati.

Destiny bring Mawar, and Melati met, via a guy named Raja (Derby Romero). The Raja's sister, who are friends with Mawar, trying to match Raja, with Mawar. But Raja already falling in love with Melati, since their first met at the flower shop owned by Melati's mother. And there was triangle love between Melati, Raja, and Mawar. So, don't miss Sinetron Mawar Melati, will air on SCTV, starting from Tuesday, March 9, 2009, every day at 19:00 pm.

Sinetron Mawar Melati

Sinetron Mawar Melati Casts

* Derby Romero as Raja
* Chelsea Olivia as Melati
* Aryani Fitriana as Rose
* Ari Wibowo as Adwin
* Febby Febiola as Renata
* Rheina ipeh as Anna
* Juwita as Rani
* Michella Princess as Putri
* Marini Burhan
* Oliver Sille

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