Berita Film Baru Bumi Manusia & Edensor

Berita Film Baru Bumi Manusia & Edensor. Mira Lesmana is one of the best director in Indonesia. Many of her films, has successfully won an award in Indonesia and abroad. Now, back with Riri Riza, she prepared a new film, which is based on the novel of the controversial author, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Bumi Manusia.

"Because I only make one film a year it takes time to prepare this Bumi Manusia filmmaking. For example, explore the many areas in East Java. Yet again by setting the year 1889," she said in

Because of a long preparation, the "Bumi Manusia" film production process will commence in 2011.

Currently, Mira Lesmana is busy preparing ENDENSOR, continued from the film "Sang Pemimpi". Mira claimed to take a little longer in preparation for that new movie.

Sinopsis Film Edensor
Edensor is a novel by Andrea Hirata, which tells about the adventures of Ikal, and Arai, in Europe. Having successfully obtained a scholarship to France, they enrolled at the Universite de Paris, Sorbone. Here, Ikal and Arai have much experience, commonly known as culture shock. Many customs and civilization of Europe, which is different from the civilization that they perceive as an Indonesian.

Edensor also told the adventure of Ikal, and Arai, through Europe with various experiences, stunning, gripping, making us roar with laughter, and made us burst into tears.

Edensor explains that our life is the pieces that interrelated to one another, which is composed mainly design, and well organized, and the future is our dreams come true.

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