Berita Terkini Cinta Laura Hijrah Ke Amerika?

Latest News From Indonesia's most talented artists, Cinta Laura. SKJ film would be the last movie played by Cinta Laura. According to Cinta Laura's mother, Herdiana Kiehl, Cinta Laura will cease to play the movie in order to continue her schooling abroad.

Cinta Laura will continue her education to United States. Cinta Laura scheduled to leave for United States in June 2010 until July 10 for university research, looking for the best campus. She will start college in the United States in September 2011.

Cinta Laura's decision to concentrate in college because she did follow the IB Diploma program. Of course this requires a serious level of knowledge.

This decision of course become a sad news for the entertainment of Indonesia, because Cinta Laura is one of Indonesia's most talented artists. She has many fans in Indonesia, and this will be very painful for fans of Cinta Laura.

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