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Chelsea Olivia

Full Name : Chelsea Olivia Wijaya
Birth Place : Bandar Lampung
Birth Date : July 29, 1992
Father : Jacob Wijaya
Mother :Yuliana Agustine
Religion : Christian

Chelsea Olivia's Profile
Chelsea's name was often heard since she started playing her first soap opera titled "Cincin" with Ririn Dwi Ariyanti. After that, she also starred in the soap opera "Buku Harian Nayla" in one of Indonesia's television stations, and has the highest rating at that time. In fact, Chelsea Olivia admitted that once she is actually shy and uncomfortable to appear in public.

But thanks to encouragement from her mother, then her shyness can be overcome and it also brought positive results. Busy activities of artistry, making Chelsea can not fully enjoy the teenage years like other little girls, even the learning activities were more often disrupted. Manage the time was not easy, but Chelase Olivia always trying to change her study time by reading a book on movie sets or while in the car.


- Tuhan ada Dimana-mana.
- Kodrat, Cincin.
- Pangeran Penggoda.
- Buku Harian Nayla.
- Penyihir Cinta.
- Maha Cinta.
- Selamat Jalan Natasya.

Foto-Foto Chelsea Olivia - Picture Gallery

Foto-Foto Chelsea Olivia - Picture Gallery

Foto-Foto Chelsea Olivia - Picture Gallery

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