Daftar 10 Artis Korea Tercantik

Daftar 10 Artis Korea Tercantik. Korean Artists are known to be very pretty and cute. This is a valuable capital that Korean dramas very well in Indonesia. Each year, the latest Korean Drama is always shown on television stations in Indonesia. Followed by the attack of VCD and DVD Movie Korean, which can be easily obtained on the market.

Then, at this time who the prettiest Korean actresses? The following are 10 most beautiful Korean actress. List of Korea's most beautiful woman I sort by my opinions, so if you do not agree, please provide comments.

Daftar 10 Artis Korean Tercantik - Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actress

10. Kim Hyo Yeon

9.Lee Da Hee

8.Han Chae Ah

7.Park Si Yeon

6.Han Chae Young

5.Huang Ming Hee

4.Jeon Ji Hun

3.Han Ga In

2.Kim Tan Hee

1.Song Hye Kyo

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7 Gosip Panas:

maya chan said...

aku suka ma song hye gyo n han chae yong ^_~ they're really beautifull woman ^^

Rhiirii said...

aq juga sama song hye kyo...
go song hye kyoo....:p

Sylvia said...

Song Hye Kyo emang the best..

baca sinopsis drama korea Mary Stayed Out All Night disini http://kdramasinopsis.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

NO.1 must be Jheon ji hyEON

cik najwa @wawa said...

yg laen2 tu cantik selepas buat plastic surgery.. except Kim Tae Hee and Han Ga In.. mereka berdua ni mmg natural beauty..

Lathifah Na Harahap said...

cantiknya palsu

playboy gagal said...

aku mau semuanya aja

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