Lee DeWyze, The New American Idol in 2010

Lee DeWyze, The New American Idol in 2010. Paint shop cashier, Lee DeWyze finally elected to the latest American Idol. This shy young man managed to impress the audience and jury with his deep voice, and beat the blues musician, Crystal Bowersox.

When host Ryan Seacrest asked about his feelings, the emotional Lee DeWyze simply replied, "I do not know. This is great, thank you all ... I love you. Crystal, I love you. "

Seacrest did not mention the total number of incoming sounds, a change from previous seasons of American Idol. For example, last year, the finals between Kris Allen and Adam Lamber, the incoming voice over the phone, or short messages, reaching 100 million.

Lee DeWyze, The New American Idol in 2010

Fox has not commented, but "Idol", although still the top-ranked TV show, are experiencing reduced the number of spectators. Bowersox and DeWyze the 'bare' may also attract less people to watch.

Behind the stage, Lee DeWyze said he was ready for the next steps, including making an album and live tour. About juror responses, Lee DeWyze say, that people will always comment on anything, but he's happy with her song choices and how he sings.

Bowersox was calm with the result. "I know Lee will win. People seemed surprised by that fact, but I can feel it. I am very happy for him. He deserves every minute of this experience", Bowersox said at backstage, with a calm and cheerful as he showed throughout the season.

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