Peramal Mama Lauren Meninggal Dunia

Peramal Mama Lauren Meninggal Dunia. Lauren Mom Died at PGI Cikini Hospital. Famous soothsayer, Mama Lauren, died on Monday (5/17/2010) night, when admitted to the PGI Cikini Hospital, Central Jakarta. This is justified by the PGI Cikini Hospital, Monday night. Mama Lauren's body was taken directly to the funeral home.

Although in unhealthy conditions, Mama Lauren still managed to predict the conditions in Indonesia. What Mama Lauren's last prophecy?

Mama Lauren predict (Ramalan Mama Lauren), Indonesia's natural conditions will be even less friendly, such as natural conditions are not stable and governments who are not comfortable.

 Peramal Mama Lauren Meninggal Dunia

Examples? "Natural phenomena are increasingly apprehensive as many earthquakes.

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