Joel Madden - Good Charlotte - Jadi WNI?

Joel Madden - Good Charlotte - Jadi WNI?. Joel Madden's name suddenly famous in cyberspace, especially Internet users in Indonesia. Not because of his work with bands Good Charlotte, but the news that the vocalist who is also the partner of Nicole Richie wanted to be a citizen of Indonesia.

It began with the posting of the musician's Twitter account that is named JoelMadden. There, Joel Madden wrote, "I miss INDONESIA. One day That country is going to give me an honorary citizenship."

We don't know what Joel Madden meant to post this. But the posts  received a positive response from his fans in Indonesia.

Previously, Joel Madden - who is the twin brother Benji Madden is known as one of the musicians who are so proud of Indonesia. He along with Good Charlotte has appeared in Jakarta, precisely in the Tennis Indoor Stadium on April 24, 2007. And after that, Joel could post a few things about Indonesia on his Twitter account.

For example, when there was bombing in Kuningan some time ago. He also wrote, "Its sad news, but it wont scare me from going back to Jakarta. That place is awesome, definitely going back this year or next and Bali 2. Do not get your impressions of Indonesia from the news, It is one of My Favorite Places in the world and the people there rule. Dumb terrorists. "

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