Menipu 960 Juta, Adjie Notonegoro Ditahan

Adjie Notonegoro Ditahan. Indonesian famous designers, Adjie Notonegoro, thrown in jail because he was accused of deceiving his friend, Mervin Cardianto. As reported previously, Adjie Notonegoro had been made suspects by Kejari Jaksel since Thursday, July 15, 2010 night. Ajie Notonegoro suspected of violating Pasal 372 of KUHP about fraud.

Adjie Notonegoro has received a consignment of gold diamond jewelry with the overall price of Rp 3.11 billion, from Melvin Chandrianto Tjhin or Mervin. The Jewelry is planned for sale.

Some jewelry was eventually sold for Rp960 million. But Adjie not give the money to Mervin, the Indonesian famous designers instead use it for personal purposes.

Menipu 960 Juta, Adjie Notonegoro Ditahan

Because Adjie Notonegoro always absent when asked to solve the problem, Mervin also reported the case to the police on October 31, 2009. Mervin claims since he knows Adjie Notonegoro for 10 years, he never faced this problem.

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