Video Fatma Trans TV - Video Mesum Again?

Video Fatma Trans TV - Video Mesum Again? Video Fatma Trans TV is a title of a film that is currently circulating on the internet. Video Fatma which began to rival the popularity of video Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan was suspected played by Trans TV presenter named Fatma. That's why the title of this video is Video Fatma Trans TV.

News circulated mention that this Video Fatma Trans TV very appalling the employees and management Trans TV. They argue that actress in the video is not Fatma Trans TV. Trans TV Public Relations Manager Hadiansyah Lubis  reported this case to the Police Headquarters. In his report, he was sure, women in video is not one of the employees of Trans TV. "There are employees whose name is Fatma, but not the one in the video," he said.

With a circulation of video Fatma Trans TV, Trans Tv felt greatly disadvantaged. Fatma video using Trans Tv appendage in the title is reportedly already in circulation since 2008 and recently re-emerged with added Trans TV name behind the files becomes the Video Fatma Trans TV.

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