Still Marry Me - Korean Drama Synopsis

Still Marry Me Synopsis
Still Marry Me is the latest Korean Drama in Indosiar which began airing on October 11, 2010. Still Marry me starring teen idol, Kim Bum and beautiful Korean actress Park Jin Hee.The main story of Still Marry Me is about a love story of 3 women in their 30s, Lee Shin-Young, Jeong Da-jeong, Kim Bu-gi.

Lee Shin-young 36-year-old, met with Ha Min-jae (Kim Bum), a student of a famous university that talented in music. Ha Min-jae is a cool figure that always attract many girls. Lee Shin-Young and Min-Jae Ha fell in love with each other and then they were dating. But the age difference cause various problems. Moreover, Ha Min-jae's mother strongly disagree if her son dating older women.

The story even more compelling when Ha Min-jae's mother fell in love with Yoon Sang-woo, Lee Shin-young ex-fiance. This drama is a sequel of The Woman Who Wants to Marry (2004). Actors and the story is different except the main character is Lee Shin-young.

Still Marry Me - Korean Drama Synopsis

Still Marry Me Cast

* Park Jin Hee as Lee Shin Young
* Uhm Ji Won as Jung Da Jung
* Wang Bit Na as Kim Boo Ki
* Kim Bum as Ha Min Jae
* Choi Chul Ho as Na Ban Suk
* Lee Pil Mo as Yoon Sang Woo
* Park Ji Young as Choi Sang Mi

Other people

* Kim Yong Hee as Choi Myung Suk
* Ahn Hye Kyung as Jang Hye Jin
* Park Hyo Joon as Hee Dong
* Jun Se Hong as Jun Se Ri
* Jung Won Joong as Director Buk
* Chun Woo Hee as Shin Young's junior
* Baek Il Sub as Ban Suk's father
* Jung Soo Young as Sang Woo's colleague
* Jo Han Sun as Shin Young's ex-fiancé
* Min Ah Ryung as Ex-fiancé's girlfriend
* Im Chang Jung as Jerry Oh
* Danny Ahn as Boo Ki's ex-boyfriend
* Park Chul Min as psychic
* Kim Sung Hoon as gangster
* Kim Min Shik as Director Kim Min Shik (cameo, ep12)
* Gook Ji Yun as Se Na (cameo, ep15)
* Chae Gun

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