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Shi Xiao Long a.k.a Ashton Chen

Name : Ashton Chen Xiao Long
Other Name : Ashton Chen, Shi Xiao Long, Sik Siu Lung, Tommy Sik, Tommy Sik Siu Lung
Birth date : December 25, 1986
Workplace : Hong Kong
Occupations : Actor

Ashton Chen Xiao Long Profile
Do you still remember the movie series Bo Bo Ho? Shi Xiao Long or currently known as Ashton Chen Xiao Long is a close friend of Bo Bo Ho, he was a little monk who has a good kungfu. As adults, Shi Xiao Long is still actively participate in various martial story. After five years studying at the Professional Children's School, and had graduated at the University of New York, Shi Xiao Long (Aston Chen) returned to China and took part in Ip Man 2 movie.

Profile Shi Xiao Long - Ashton Chen Biography

Ip Man 2 2010
Legend Of The Swordsman 2010
Myth, The 2005
Shaolin Gang 2004
Iron Lion 2003
Undiscovered Tomb 2003
Fatal Comic 2002
Kung Fu In Japan 2002
Chinese Heroes 2001
Marvellous Cook, The 2000
Heavenly Legend 1999
Chivalrous Legend 1997
Adventurous Treasure Island 1996
Dragon From Shaolin 1996
China Dragon 1995
Saint Of Gamblers, The 1995
Super Mischieves 1995
Ten Brothers 1995
Shaolin Popey 1994
Shaolin Popey 2 : Messy Temple 1994

Ashton Chen Xiao Long

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