Premier League Footballer Sex Tape Scandal in 2011

Premier League Footballer Sex Tape Scandal in 2011
Premier League shocked with a circulation of sex video, which shows a Premier League footballer are doing an orgy with three Blondes and two male pals in a Las Vegas hotel. A Premier League football star has been caught on video taking part in an Orgy with two brunettes and an international team-mate, The Sun can reveal.

He plays for the same top ten club as another ace who is at the centre of an alleged blackmail plot over a filmed Orgy with three Swedish blondes.

The new 47-minute Premier League footballer sex tape was shot on a mobile and shows the player, in his 20s, having sex in a hotel room while his international team-mate – who plays abroad – eggs him on.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, take turns to romp with one of the brunettes.

And a source said: “They also have sex in the bathroom with one girl, then they go back to the bedroom.

“The Premier League star has a clean-cut image but the video is really hardcore and shocking.”

The Sun told earlier this month of the alleged blackmail plot involving the other club player, also an international in his 20s.

Police said an investigation “is still active”. (The Sun)

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