Charlie's Devils, Charlie Sheen's Adult Movie Project

Charlie's Devils, Charlie Sheen's Adult Movie Project
45-year-old actor is likely to make a change for his career when he decided to start his adult movie business.

Charlie Sheen, who was famous in the movie 'Platoon', apparently not satisfied with his career as an actor. Reportedly, Sheen intends to spread his wings into the adult movie industry. So it seems "porn movie" will be a new business for Charlie Sheen

As reported by The Sun, Friday (4/2/2011), a porn star named Felony admitted that Charlie Sheen has a plan to build a porn company called, 'Charlie's Devils'.

Felony also revealed that Sheen has been recording his sex scene with several women. The videos will be compiled as the first film of 'Charlie's Devils'.

Charlie Sheen, new porn actor

"He (Sheen) can not wait to have his own porn film business. He loved to explore his sexual desires, "said Felony.

Recently, Charlie Sheen's sexual life was highlighted by the media. He had been caught having a party drug with some prostitutes.

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