Profile Boyband Treeji : Foto - Biography Tarra, Rizky, Jiseph Treeji

Profil Boyband Indonesia - Biodata Treeji : Foto - Biography
Treeji formed on October 23, 2009. At first, Treeji formed based on the proposal from management that would create a boys band. They held auditions to find treeji personnel. And from 15 people who auditioned, Tarra Budiman and Jiseph Hakim was finally chosen as the personnel of Treeji, but unfortunately one of the personnel had to resign. Finally Rizky Alatas signed to replace the position of personnel who had previously resigned.

At first, the name of this boys band is 3G, but later replaced with Treeji (T = Tarra, Ree = Rizky, Ji = Jiseph). For most music lovers, Treeji regarded as one of the toughest rival of Smash.

PROFILE RIZKY ALATAS (Biodata Rizky Treeji)
Muhammad Rizki Alatas was born on July 27, 1991. He is an Indonesia actor and singer. Rizky Alatas increasingly recognized after participating in Supermama Selebconcert in Indosiar, 2009.

Soap operas
- Inayah
- Arti Sahabat

Bimantara Budiman or known as Tarra was born in Denpasar, September 22, 1986. He is an Indonesian actor. Tarra Budiman often played in several soap operas, and FTV.

- "Tentang Cinta" (2007)
- "Coblos Cinta" (2008)

PROFILE JISEPH HAKIM (Biodata Jiseph Treeji)
Jiseph Hakim known for his role as Bondan in Soap Opera Satrio Piningit.

Foto-Foto Band Treeji - Photo Collections
Foto Treeji - Tarra, Rizky, Jiseph Photo

Foto Treeji - Tarra, Rizky, Jiseph Photo

Foto Treeji - Tarra, Rizky, Jiseph Photo

Foto Treeji - Tarra, Rizky, Jiseph Photo

Video Treeji

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