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NAST4R is a newcomer girlband formed by Nagaswara CEO on October 1, 2011. NAST4R means "Nagaswara star". The personnel include Fe, Angel, Kay and Gaby. Their first single titled "Oops Sory Baby I hate you", this song was created by Yogi gaijin

Nast4r Biography
Group Name : Nast4r
Members : Fe,Angel,Kay and Gaby
Birth Date : 1 October 2011
Twitter : @NAST4R
Fire @fe_gaijinNAST4R
Rock @angel_NAST4R
Blossom @kay_NAST4R
Baby @gaby_NAST4R

Profile FE NAST4R - Biography
Full name: Imani Bintoro Putri
Nickname: fe
Born: Jogjakarta, May 5
Favorite color: red
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite drink: Mineral Water
Favorite Singer: Celine Dion
Height: 168
Weight: 55
favorite pet: dog
hobby: cooking.
character: fire (strictly, sexy)

Profile ANGEL NAST4R - Biography
Full name: Angelina Eirena,
nickname: nje / angel,
born: mowewe 24 -12 - 1990,
favorite colors: black,
favorite food: fried cap cay
favorite singer: Maria carey and Vina Panduwinata
Height: 165
Weight: 53
hobbies: singing and sleeping
character: angel rock (rock, tomboy)

Profile KAY NAST4R - Biography
Full name: Karen Monica Angelia,
Nickname: Kay,
Born: Jakarta, 7 June 1994,
fav color: purple,
favorite food: fried noodles
favorite singer: Beyonce,
Height: 155,
Weight: 40,
favorite pet: doggy & rabbit,
hobbies: watching movies, hangout, playing badminton.
character: kay blossom (girly)

Profile GABY NAST4R - Biography
Full Name: Grace Gabriella Natasha Poetri
Nickname: Gaby
Born: Jakarta, July 4, 1995
Fav color: Orange
Fav food: French Fries
Fav Drinks: Mineral Water
Fav Singer: Lee Donghae
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Fav Pet: Dogs, Cats
Hobbies: Sleeping, singing
Character: gaby Baby (cute)

Foto Nast4r
Foto Nast4r

Foto Nast4r
Foto Nast4r

Foto Nast4r
Foto Nast4r

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