Foto Bugil: Novi Amalia Hot Photo Circulating on Blackberry

Foto Bugil Novi Amalia or Novie Amilia nude photos has been widely circulated in cyberspace. The hot photos were taken in several poses shortly after Novi secured by police. Reportedly the photos were circulated via BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and is currently circulating in several online forums and social networking. No one knows where the nude photos came from, but certainly in that photo Novie Amalia looks wearing a bra and shorts.

Foto Novi Amilia
In one of those hot photos, Novi Amilia looks lying on a bed with her hands cuffed, while in another photo she is seen standing on a mattress, and beside her there are two men lounging in which one of them was wearing a police uniform.

But from all that, there is one very interesting photo and a much sought after. In the photo, her breasts barely visible. You can get the photo in some online forums by simply typing in the keyword "Foto Bugil Novi Amalia".

As reported recently Novi Amilia is a suspect in the case of an accident in the area of ​​Taman Sari, Jakarta. She was arrested after hitting seven people, including two policemen. Novie Amilia is a model of Popular Magazine in 2005 and 2010. Read Profile Novi Amilia for the full information.

Foto Novi Amalia
Novi Amalia

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