Lamb Of God - Wrath

Free music review on Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009There were those who wanted to go to hell with Lamb Of God? Metalcore Band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. Let's go out with their new album. Wrath! Walk with me in Hell!

Wrath was an album that gave the breakthrough in the concept of music from Lamb of God on the whole. Although this was the 5th album, but generally the concept of music that was carried by this band did not change, good from the side sound, and the arrangement and the musical composition far were not different from Sacrament. But in this album of Lamb of God dared to experiment played the time and the rhythm that really changed from in each song, and canned be heard more ‘easy listening’ . For die-hard fans of Lamb of God it was definitely most startled to hear the first song in this album that be entitled “The Passing”. An instrumental song with the composition of the acoustics guitar that dominated in the main part this song afterwards experienced the transition inside riff with the very melodious guitar. Amazing.

Lamb Of God Fans in Indonesia, don’t forget to watch their World Tour performance on March 9, 2009.

Wrath Lyrics List

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In Your Words lyrics
Set To Fail lyrics
Contractor lyrics
Fake Messiah lyrics
Grace lyrics
Broken Hands lyrics
Dead Seeds lyrics
Everything To Nothing lyrics
Choke Sermon lyrics
Reclamation lyrics

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