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Do you know about Jokers Wild video poker, or had heard about "Joker Poker"? You who liked to play Video Poker must know about that. But for you that still the beginner, I introduced Jokers Wild video poker for you. Jokers Wild video poker is something of a hybrid between Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. Instead of a 52 card deck though, Joker Poker is dealt from a 53 card deck, and the 53rd card is a wild card, the joker.

For you who still were confused and curious more about Joker Wild or Joker Poker, you better visiting This site provide many guide to online the video poker with rules and strategy advice for popular the video poker games including jacks or better, deuces wild, and jokers wild the video poker. They also provide the video poker books like a Million dollar Video Poker, Professional Video Poker, and the Poker Video - Optimum Play. Besides that, this site also provided the video poker software like Bob Dancer’s Winpoker, and Jean Scott’s Frugal Video Poker. And still many others information that could be received by you in the video poker daddy.

So, for you, who wants to learn more about Jokers Wild video poker or that often was acknowledged as Joker Poker, you better visit the video poker daddy right now.
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