Sinetron Indonesia - Cinta Fitri

Sinetron Cinta Fitri is one of the soap opera produced by MD Entertainment and broadcast by SCTV. This soap opera theme song, Atas Nama Cinta (In the Name of Love), sung by Artis Indonesia, Rossa. So far, sinetron Cinta Fitri become a soap opera with the longest airtime on television in Indonesia, with season 5 (season 5 is still continuing) and 634 episodes (still continuing).

Starting May 1, 2009, SCTV resume Cinta Fitri Season 3 each day starting at 10:00 am for 2 hours straight, but this soap opera was stopped although only broadcast for 1-2 weeks.

Cinta Fitri Season 4 (also called Cinta Fitri season Ramadan), originally planned to run from July 9, 2009, but due to the Dinda Kanyadewi accident, causing the latest season was delayed for 2 weeks and began running on July 20, 2009 at 20:00 pm.

After, "Cinta Fitri Season Ramadan" ended, many people began to criticize the story of "Sinetron Cinta Fitri" which seems even more contrived and not as good as the previous season's story. Meanwhile, "Cinta Fitri Season 5" have started appearing on January 11, 2010 at 20:30 pm. The fans was increasingly curious about the end of the "Cinta Fitri" story .
Sinetron Cinta Fitri

Main Cast
* Shireen Sungkar as Fitri
* Teuku Wisnu as Farrel
* Adly Fairuz as Aldo
* Dinda Kanyadewi as Mischa
* Sandy Syarief as Faiz (starting mid-season 3)
* Donita as Moza
* Verlita Evelyn as Maya
* Iqbal Pakula as Bram
* Irene Librawati as Bu Lia
* Ida Kusumah as Oma
* Nuri Maulida as Kayla (the new, starting mid-season 2)
* Lian Firman as Hadi (starting mid-season 2)
* Teuku Ryan as Pak Hartawan (starting season 4)
* Boy Tirayoh as Pak Hutama (season 1 - mid-season 3)

Supporting Cast
* Meidiana Hutomo as Bu Lik Rini (season 1 - early season 2, re-starting the end of season 3)
* Bemby Putuanda as Norman
* Anbo Ontocheno as Yuga
* Arthur Tobing as Pak Iman
* Debby Cynthia Dewi as Bu Asih (season 1 - early season 4)
* Randy Pangalila as Tristan (early season 1 - mid-season 1, mid-season 3 - early season 4)
* Silvana Herman as Bu Doli (mid-season 4)
* Angelia Quartiana as Abel (mid-season 2)
* Chilla Irawan as Nadine (season 1 - season 3)
* Fabian as Alif
* Fanny Ghassani as Kayla (season 1 - mid-season 2)
* Rizky Hanggono as Firman (early season 1)
* Metha Yunatria as Nabila (season 1)
* Elsye Virgita as Salsa (season 2 - mid-season 3)
* Marizcha Fayn as Jamilah (mid-season 3)
* Kartika Ajeng as Bu Dinita (mid-season 3, the end of season 4)
* El Manik as Pak Handoko (early season 5)

* Dhamoo Punjabi
* Manoj Punjabi

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