Foto-Foto Aneh Artis - Selebriti Hollywood

Artis Hollywood a.k.a Hollywood Celebrities, do not always look pretty and sexy in a photograph. Sometimes they look weird and ugly. Does that mean that Hollywood Celebrities are also human beings who are also not perfect? I dunno, maybe. Below are photos of Hollywood Celebrities in funny poses, they look strange and not sexy at all. What were they thinking about, so they could pose like this? Weird Artis.

Foto-Foto Aneh Artis - Selebritis Hollywood

 Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Lady Gaga with gigantic antlers

Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Kristen Stewart in weird style.
Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Jennifer Love Hewitt - what are you doing out there?
 Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Ke$ha, looks like weird zebra.

 Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Ratu Pantai Selatan huh???

 Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Kate Flannary should see herself in the giant mirror.
Foto Aneh Artis Hollywood. Courtney Love, weird fashion.

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