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Peterpan is one of the many poprock band from Bandung, Indonesia, which is very popular in Indonesia. The band was formed in 1997 and famous thanks to the songs "Ada Apa Denganmu", "Topeng", "Tak Ada Yang Abadi" and "Kukatakan Dengan Indah".

In 1997, Andhika (keyboards) formed a "Topi Band" and invites Uki (guitar), Abel (bass) and Ari (drums). Uki was taking his school friend Ariel (rumored to have a relationship with Luna Maya), who fill the position as vocalist. With the formation like that, they started performing and playing Brits alternative. Ari then resigned, and the Topi band broke up without any definite cause.

Then in 2000, Andhika regroup the Topi Band personnels. But this time, the drummer position held by Reza. To give the music colors a more mature, and more rich melody, they took Loekman, which eventually became lead guitar (main guitar). After the formation is formed by six people, they also took the name Peterpan. Peterpan Band finally officially formed on 1 September 2000.
2001 become the beginning of the Peterpan Band journey, they playing from cafe to cafe in Bandung. They play at café O'Hara and Sapu Lidi and play songs alternative rock like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Cold Play, U2, Creed, etc.. When they perform in Sapu Lidi café, their potential seen by Kang Noey (Java Jive bassist) who are looking for a band to fill out a compilation album. From the three songs that was sent, "Sahabat", "Mimpi Yang Sempurna", and "Taman Langit", finally the songs "Mimpi Yang Sempirna" put into the compilation album "Night Story 2002" which was released in July 2002. Not unexpectedly, the song to boost sales above 150,000 copies.

Initially the group consisting of Ariel Peterpan, Uki, Loekman, Reza, Andika and Indra. But in November 2006, two members, Andika and Indra fired from Peterpan, so for now the band members there are 4 people. The split was triggered by the difference principle of creativity. Yet, even without complete formation as before, peterpan still able to show his greatness. In September 2007, they had the honor to attend "Song Festival" in South Korea. Previously, peterpan also still capable of bagging the award for Best Favorite Artis Indonesia MTV Asia Award 2006 and the Album Pop Group Ngetop SCTV Music Award 2006.

In the year 2010, the name of Peterpan, will soon be replaced. Gossip artis Indonesia said that Ariel and his colleagues chose a new name is Feather Band, but until now there is still no official confirmation from Peterpan about a new band name. From the information obtained, Peterpan will release their latest album (album baru peterpan), along with announcing the new name of the band in March 2010. So, let's just wait for official confirmation.

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Studio Album
* Taman Langit (2003)
* Bintang di Surga (2004)
* Ost. Alexandria (2005)
* Hari yang Cerah (2007)
* The Best of (Sebuah Nama Sebuah Cerita) (2008)

- 2002

* Rookie of the Year 2002 versi Majalah Hai

- 2004

* Group Pendatang Baru Ter-Ngetop SCTV Music Award
* Rekor MURI – Konser Maraton 6 Kota 24 Jam - 18 Juli 2004

- 2005

* Best Favorite - Artis Indonesia MTV Asia Award - Februari 2005
* Album Pop Group Ngetop SCTV Music Award - Mei 2005
* Lagu Paling Ngetop, SCTV Music Award - Mei 2005
* Band Paling Ngetop di SCTV Award - Agustus 2005
* Penjualan Album Terbaik Sepanjang Tahun, MTV Music Award – September 2005
* Grafis desain album terbaik Bintang di Surga AMI Awards 2005 - November 2005

- 2006

* Best Favorite - Artis Indonesia MTV Asia Award - April 2006
* Album Pop Group Ngetop SCTV Music Award - Mei 2006

- 2009

* Video Klip TerDahsyat "Walau Habis Terang", Dahsyatnya Award - April 2009
* Band TerDahsyat, Dahsyatnya Award - April 2009
* Lagu Terbaik versi majalah Rolling Stone dengan lagu "Kukatakan Dengan Indah"

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