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Film Alice in Wonderland, a film by Tim Burton, straight shot to the top of the steps the United States box office on the first weekend screenings. Disney-made film, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, obtains an income of US$ 116.3 million.

Avatar, which for twelve weeks at the top of box office, now in fifth position. Avatar remains the highest earning films, until now. In the United States and Canada, Avatar earned income of US$ 720 million.

In the second position, there was thrillers about cops in Brooklyn's Finest, receive US$ 13.5 million in early screenings. Another film, Shutter Island, which for a few weeks on the top position, this week had to settle for the top three.

Alice in Wonderland earlier target only income of US$ 70 million, but this movie managed to create a new record for the highest income movie on the first weekend, at the first three months of screenings. Previously, the record is held by The Passion of Christ, six years ago.

Alice in Wonderland - Download Movie Trailer

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