Film Transformers 3 Dirilis Juli 2011

Good news for fans of Autobot and Decepticon, Transformers trilogy will be released on July 2011. This must be encouraging news for the loyal viewers of this film. But there are some disappointing news, the previous sequel, released in 2009 that is Revenge Of The Fallen, entered the ranks as the worst movie. Meanwhile, in my opinion the film is very good, how do you think?

Paramount Pictures said that they would change the release schedule for Transformers 3 in July 2011. In addition, any production process is planned to begin in May 2010.

The stars, who are involved in the previous film, was certain to come back to play in the Transformers 3. Hollywood actor, Shia LaBeouf, who served as Sam Witwicky, and "Wanita Terseksi' Megan Fox, who became Mikaela Banes, will make the Transformers 3 movie become the most awaited film.

Transformers 3 re-handled by director Michael Bay that have been tested in two previous films. And the director had promised to give more portions to Megan Fox on this third film.

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