Foto Mesra Pasha Ungu, Hot!

Foto Mesra Pasha Ungu. Being a famous star, and loved by many fans, it would be nice. Attention of the fans can come from all directions. But it was not fully justified because it can cause a very disturbing rumors, such as Pasha Ungu who took a picture with one of his female fans.

At present, there is an intimate photograph (Foto Mesra) circulating on internet. The photo shows the vocalist of Ungu Band, Pasha, with a mysterious woman. Now, the picture becomes Artis Indonesia juicy gossip. I think it's naturally, because Pasha Ungu always being the victim of Celebrity Gossip throughout the year of 2010, primarily because of its status is still widowed.

Because of these intimate photos, Pasha was rumored to have a special relationship with the sexy woman in the picture. Because Pasha seems stuck waist and hugged the mysterious woman. Are these rumors true? Just  wait for the next Celebrity Hot Gossip.

Foto Mesra Pasha Ungu.

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