Video Indra Brugman - Dewi Persik Ciuman

Video Indra Brugman - Dewi Persik Ciuman. Video Indra Brugman and Dewi Persik, who was very intimate kissing, circulating on the internet. You may have to watch the scene. Initially, Artis Indonesia Indra Brugman do not care about the kiss video, which became part of the movie 'Tiran: Mati di Ranjang'. But after his mother know the video, Indra Brugman be ashamed.

Indra Brugman disclose it in the launch of his new single, 'Aku Mau Kawin' at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (23/3/2010).

Video Indra Brugman - Dewi Persik Ciuman

Indra Brugman not think if his mother can find out about the kissing scene with Dewi Persik. Fortunately his mother understand that the scene is only part of the movie scenario 'Tiran: Mati di Ranjang'. Indra Brugman also rejected the supposition that the circulation of these images in an attempt to boost the popularity of the film.

Video Indra Brugman - Dewi Persik Ciuman

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