Foto Terbaru Ruhut Sitompul Botak - Lucu

Foto Terbaru Ruhut Sitompul Botak. There's a surprising new look of Ruhut Sitompul, a very controversial figure. Ruhut Sitompul, who usually called Bang Poltak, now appears with her head bald aka slick!

Ruhut Sitompul cut his hair after following the Plenary Session. As we all know, the Plenary Session which discussed the issue of the Century, marked by riots. Ruhut confessed, that he cut his hair, because he was embarrassed by the actions of his friends in DPR.

Ruhut Sitompul often become prickly controversy, he admitted that there was no protest from the child or his wife with his new look.

Foto-Foto Ruhut Sitompul - Si Poltak Raja Minyak Dari Medan

 Foto Ruhut Sitompul Botak


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