Sinetron Indonesia - Kemilau Cinta Kamila

Sinopsis Kemilau Cinta Kamila (KCK) - Sinetron Indonesia

Sinetron Kemilau Cinta Kamila, tells of a beautiful girl, and kind, Kamila (Asmirandah), who was pregnant as a result of his love relationship with the lover who was not responsible, Edo Prayoga (Mischa Chandrawinata). In another part, Kamila with his friend, Livia (Tika Putri), and Livia's fiance, Fadil (Jonas Rivanno), had an accident that killed Livia.

Livia's death, of course, makes Fadil was devastated. Knowing Kamila pregnant, Fadil and then admitted that the child was his son.
What about Edo? Is Edo willing to take off his beloved with another man? What about the Fadil's decision to marry Kamila? Whether the decision was only because he felt sorry for Kamila's pregnant, or because of his deep sadness for the loss of fiance?

Not only Artis Indonesia Asmirandah and Mischa Chandrawinata, this soap opera drama starring Jonas Rivanno, Tika Putri, Marini Zumarnis, Debby Cynhtia Dewi, Rico Tampatti and Nunu Datau. Sinetron Cinta Kemilau Kamila is produced by Sinemart, and directed by Noto Bagaskoro. While writing the script, was entrusted to Ina Rosamaya.

Kemilau Cinta Kamila

Kemilau Cinta Kamila (KCK) will be live on RCTI every day, starting March 1, 2010, At 18:00 pm.

Kemilau Cinta Kamila Casts

* Jonas Rivanno as Taufan and Fadil
* Asmirandah as Kamila
* Mischa Chandrawinata as Edo Prayoga
* Marini Zumarnis as Farah - Kamila's mother
* Tika Putri as Livia
* Debby Cynthia Dewi as Martha - Edo's mother
* Nunu Datau as Amber - Fadil' mother
* Rico Tampatti as Tama - Fadil's father
* Putri Anne as Mariana - Fadil' sister

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