Video Seks Angelina Jolie Tanpa Sensor

Video Seks Angelina Jolie - Antonio Banderas. Sexiest Celebrities, Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas se* scene, will be re-released without censorship through the Blu-ray. Previously, the scene is censored and not shown in the Original Sin movie , in 2001.

In 2001, this scene is very controversial, so the Original Sin movie finally appeared in the movies without the se* scenes.

In the film that directed by Michael Rubendiaz, Artis Hollywood Angelina Jolie act as Julie Russell, while Antonio Banderas serves as Luis Vargas, a wealthy businessman from Cuba.

Video Seks Angelina Jolie - Antonio Banderas

Luis Vargas is looking for a wife from the United States, then he met the beautiful Russell, Vargas was eventually married Russell. However, not finding love, he just got the misery, because the wealth drained out by Russell.

Jolie's role in this film's adaptation of the novel "Waltz into Darkness" by Cornell Woolrich was getting bad reception. Angelina Jolie was crowned as the worst artist in the 2001 Golden Raspberry.

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