Paris Hilton Dugem Remas Payudara : Foto & Video

Paris Hilton Dugem Remas Payudara - Foto and Video. For a moment, let's forget Foto Bugil Dewi Sartika or Clara Adelin Supit, which are currently popular on the internet. Here's the news from Paris Hilton. For several weeks, Paris Hilton spent time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, held the party together with Mark Sailing, and Kim Kardashians former boyfriend, Reggie Bush, the NFL stars.

Paris Hilton really enjoy a wild party again in a night club in Las Vegas and acting stupid, holding the mike for heating the atmosphere. And with the sensual style he said:

"Let's party, get wild and get sexy motherf ***** rs!".

Foto Seksi Paris Hilton Remas Payudara

After speaking in front of visitors, the star of the reality show was immediately swayed wildly, before finally groped her own body with both hands.

If you are not satisfied with this gosip artis hollywood, you can watch the action of Paris Hilton, here

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