Pesulap-Pesulap Terkenal di Indonesia

Pesulap-Pesulap Terkenal di Indonesia. Magic is something very admirable, so that often make us stunned, and unconsciously say "Wow !"..." Great!". Currently, there are many famous magicians in the world, like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, alentino (Val Valentino), Criss Angel, David Blaine and Cyril Takayama. Meanwhile, the development of magic in Indonesia is heavily influenced by names such as Dedy Corbuzier (Mentalism), Romy Rafael (HypnoMental), Demian Aditya (Illusionist), Uya Kuya (Mixed Magic), and Dedy Marquis (Hypnotist).

In a relatively short time, the new magician in Indonesia began to appear. Some of them are:
Pesulap-Pesulap Terkenal di Indonesia - famous magicians
  1. Joe Sandy
  2. Abu Marlo
  3. Angelina Zhi
  4. Richard Rain
  5. Aldy Sungkar
  6. Limbad
  7. Denny Darko
  8. Rhomedal Aquino
  9. Sam White
  10. Duo Robin (Robert Stevan Rustandi - Indera Romero)
  11. Rizuki
  12. Bayu Gendeng
  13. Krisnaji
  14. Fabian
  15. Ronald Ricardo
  16. Duo Dibor (Dinno - Boris)
  17. Cosmo
  18. Ivan
  19. Jeva
  20. Ken
  21. Russel Miracle
  22. Edo Shadow

Pesulap Cilik Indonesia
  1. Cinta
  2. Asror
  3. Joya
  4. Leon
  5. Nabila
  6. Glenn
  7. Double Ds

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