Artis/Selebritis Paling Populer 2009

Artis/Selebritis Paling Populer. 2009 has passed, however there are still many stories that can not be forgotten until now. Similarly for the Top 10 most popular artists during the year 2009 below. Their names could be juicy gossip, and very popular during the year 2009. Who are they? The following are Top 10 Indonesia's most popular celebrities in the year 2009.

Most Popular Artis/Celebrities in 2009
(Artis/Selebritis Paling Populer 2009)

1. Sarah Azhari
Sarah Azhari is Ayu Azhari young sister. In 2008, Sarah Azhari became very popular on the internet, is associated with naked photos. Naked photo controversy with Rahma Azhari continue until the end of March 2009. Sarah is often used for pornography-themed content, which is so 'content-selling' on the internet. Although often 'abused' on the internet, but she claimed not been traumatized by the Internet.

2. ST12
ST12 is pretty phenomenal this year. By carrying melayu song, Charlie et al do not feel inferior to the choice of genre, which they considered powerful enough to capture the market of Indonesian music. And they proved with album sales, and RBT, which they throw into the market. As a result, during 2008-2009, the band began many men ogled, and of course also use internet.

3. Luna Maya
Luna Maya's prestige has not faded. Luna managed to occupy the third position from the popular top 10 celebrities. Luna Maya keyword search on the internet start up in mid-December 2009, related to their status on Twitter, which ended feud with infotainment. Maybe Luna Maya was boycotted by some media infotainment, but Luna still got some moral support from Lunatic, or the public, who do not like the reaction of infotainment in the search for news.

4. Michael Jackson
Millions of fans of Michael Jackson's mourning, when the King of Pop was died of heart failure at the age of 50 years on June 25, 2009 exactly a few weeks before his comeback concert titled This It It at the O2 Arena, London.

5. Mbah Surip
Mbah Surip spent more time in Bulungan arts community. He suddenly became celebrities, and many people sought related his life story, a collection of photos, songs, and a variety of unique news about him, until the news of sudden death in the middle peak of its popularity.

6. Agnes Monica
The majority of the public agree if Agnes Monica is a multitalented artist with loyal fans who continue to support it. Agnes Monica occupies the sixth position with a figure of more than 45 thousand search began early years until the end of 2009.

7. Julia Perez
Julia Perez became very popular because of sexy photos, both singles as well as with her new boyfriend, Gaston Castano. Jupe successfully defeated a Bunga Citra Lestari, who earlier had become internet celebrities.

8. Peterpan
Hot news about the band's lead singer, Ariel Peterpan, just affects the high Peterpan name search. Peter managed to become the most popular band of the year 2009.

9. Manohara Odelia Pinot
Manohara successfully get the public attention the two countries, Indonesia and Malaysia, with the case of the household, which eventually ended up in court. Even a keyword Manohara thin compared with the keywords Peterpan that in fact it took long enough to grab public attention.

10. Gita Gutawa
Despite his young age, Gita Gutawa is a young artist with many achievements.

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