Foto Rima Fakih - Miss USA 2010

Foto Rima Fakih - Miss USA 2010. Rima Fakih's name suddenly became discourse in the United States, after a Sunday (5/16/2010) night, she became the Arab-blooded woman and a Muslim who was crowned Miss USA 2010.

Rima Fakih's victory as Miss USA 2010 becomes a polemic. Many people gave thumbs up for her, but there was also that little smirk of her. Fakih Rima who had been a sensual dance contest winners "Stripper 101" in 2007, later became a warm conversation.

How not, a number of photographs spread on the internet showing 24-year-old female, middle dancing pole dance striptease in the arena (pole) in front of the spectators who crowded the Coliseum Gentleman's Club. The event is part of a campaign of radio stations in Detroit. As the winner, he is entitled to a number of prizes such as, jewelry, certificates, toys for adults (adult toys) and a pole dance that can be used at home.

In that competition, Rima did not remove her clothes. Even so, a number of outstanding photographs, it shows the wildness of Rima Fakih. In one photo in circulation, with a proud look Rima slipped a dollar in between her breasts and bra, as a sign that she was a winner.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Miss Universe, which has links with Miss USA, is still investigating the truth of the news. Even his party asking for more photos and information related to the involvement of Rima in the entry. Yet there is no certainty about the sanctions that will be received Rima related photos.

Earlier, Miss USA 2009 finalists, Carrie Prejean, should lose his title as the championship runner-up one after the topless photos (bare chest) was circulated on the internet.

Once elected to the Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih will represent the United States in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

Foto Rima Fakih - Miss USA 2010

Foto Rima Fakih - Miss USA 2010

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