Heboh! Video Koreana Kuta, Bali

Heboh! Video Koreana Kuta, Bali. Documentary film, Cowboys in Paradise, has not been settled by the Police, Bali again excited with a circulation of a video called Koreana Kuta. Like Cowboys in Paradise movie, the video will also take the location filming in the tourist area of Kuta Beach. Koreana film is far more vulgar than the Cowboys in Paradise for presenting oral s*x scene between Indonesian woman, and a stranger. After doing "her duty", the woman says, "Welcome to Heaven," and the camera is directed to the Kuta Beach street.

Because of the Koreana Kuta video is already circulated widely in the community, Bali Police also intervened to find out who disseminate a video made about the year 2003. Koreana film was made using only amateur handycam camera, and the angle the picture seemed arbitrary, unlike commercial films in general. So far, Bali Police identified the role of women who come from Indonesia, but still having trouble finding its existence because of this video was made about seven years ago.

Video Koreana Kuta, Bali

Bali Police are still studying the possibility of certain parties who want to take advantage of the situation after a splashy movie Cowboys in Paradise.

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