SCTV Music Awards 2010

SCTV Music Awards 2010. The Echoes of SCTV Music Awards 2010 had begun. Musicians, and famous bands, ready competing in one of the biggest awards event this year. SCTV give something special to coincide with the birthday of SCTV. And in appreciation, SCTV will present 12 trophies are contested by the children of the nation.

Bands and musicians who get SCTV Music Awards 2010 nomination is Afgan, Agnes Monica, Armada, Derby, D’Masiv, Ello, Geisha, Goliath, Hijau Daun, Kotak, Lyla, Nindy, Pasto, Ridho Rhoma, Rossa, Salju, The Virgin, Ungu, Vierra, and Wali.

SCTV Music Awards 2010 categories are Album Pop Solo Pria, Album Pop Solo Wanita, Album Pop Duo/Band, Album Pendatang Baru Solo, Album Pendatang Baru Duo/Group and Lagu Paling Ngetop.

5 Special Awards
Penyanyi Band Favorit, Pemain Gitar Favorit, Pemain Bass Favorit, Pemain Drum Favorit, and Pemain Keyboard Favorit.

Pemenang SCTV Music Awards 2010

And here are the winners of SCTV Music Awards 2010

* Album Pop Solo Pria : Afgan
* Album Pop Solo Wanita : Rossa
* Album Pop Duo/Band : Wali Band
* Album Pendatang Baru Solo : Ridho Irama
* Album Pendatang Baru Duo/Group : The Virgin
* Lagu Paling Ngetop : Baik-Baik Saja - Wali

Special Awards

* Penyanyi Band Favorit : Pasha Ungu
* Pemain Gitar Favorit : Mitha The Virgin
* Pemain Bass Favorit : Dennis Lyla
* Pemain Drum Favorit : Posan Kotak Band
* Pemain Keyboard Favorit : Kevin Vierra

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