Ada 23 Video Mesum Ariel Peterpan? Wew!

Ada 23 Video Mesum Ariel Peterpan? Video Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari raises new issues that there are still 23 other videos that show the former vocalist of Peterpan is having sex with different women.

News that circulating in one of the news portal said that Ariel Peterpan loves to immortalize his s*x scenes, and put it in the laptop. But unfortunately, the laptop was reported missing.

Perhaps this is one reason why Ariel Peterpan Video Files spread on the Internet. Reportedly, Ariel Peterpan video with some Indonesian celebrities will be released one by one. And Video Luna Maya and Ariel is one of them.

Video Mesum Ariel Peterpan

Last week we were surprised with the appearance of a pornographic video or video mesum of two very similar characters with Luna Maya and Ariel. But in the video duration of two minutes, it was suspected the man was not Ariel because it has a potbelly. Luna himself denied that the woman is herself, she also denied having a tattoo like the woman in the video.

Shortly thereafter, we were surprised again with the emergence of video Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari that portrayed the couple like Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari. This video has a much brighter picture than before. One indication that the man in the video looked like Ariel is the man in the video wearing a watch that is similar to the watches that often worn by Ariel Peterpan.

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