Film Obama Anak Menteng (OAM)

Film Obama Anak Menteng (OAM), which tells the childhood story of the United States President Barack Obama will appear in theaters tomorrow, Thursday, July 1st.

Jhon De Rantau, the Obama Anak Menteng movie director, said the filming was spelled out very quickly, but that does not mean they are playing games. The reason this film picked up the story of a childhood figure chosen by the people of the United States in November 2008 Presidential elections ago.

"It's a lot of pressure, so I have to be careful. Incidentally I am a huge fan of Obama, and I always read Obama's books, "said Jhon when found in the FX Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (29/06/2010) night.

Jhon up the courage to take risks, because by making this movie he will be hunted target of the American intelligence. Just imagine, Indonesian people ventured to visualize that person's number one in America.

Film Obama Anak Menteng (OAM)

"Hopefully this film should be received with as simple as possible in the midst of difference with one word, that is forgiving and tolerance," he said.

The film, starring Hasan Faruq Ali (12) Obama tells of his childhood during his stay in Jakarta with his mother and stepfather from ages 6 to 10 years. This movie was filmed in Bandung, Jakarta, to get the situation in the 1970s.

In the Film Obama Anak Menteng (OAM), none of the stories pertaining to political issues and everything pure about his childhood. This film tells more about friendship and hobbies Obama in childhood.

This film will tell about the first time Obama came to Indonesia, and then tells about his school, and about his relationship with his mother.

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