Gambar Foto Ariel Peterpan di Penjara

Gambar Foto Ariel Peterpan di Penjara. After several weeks of being hot gossip because of scandal video  Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan. Peterpan former frontman, Ariel a.k.a Nazril Irham, eventually surrender to police. Accompanied by his lawyer, Ariel Peterpan surrender on 22 June 2010, about three o'clock in the morning.

News circulated mention that Ariel Peterpan has officially named as a suspect, while Luna Maya and Cut Tari still as a witness in the case of the circulation of video Luna Maya, and video Cut Tari.

 Gambar Foto Ariel Peterpan di Penjara

Latest news states that "Foto Ariel dalam tahanan penjara" has been circulating on the Internet. It is unclear who spread the "Ariel Photos in Prison" on the internet. In the photo, Ariel looks happy with several prisoners.

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