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Nadya's interest in the music world has seen since she was still sitting in elementary school. At the age of nine years, she has come to know and learn some musical instruments like guitar and keyboard. Her interest is then strengthened her desire to continue living in the path of music and aspires to become a musician. In addition Nadya Fatira also has won several singing competitions at school level, and often participated donated songs from stage to stage.

Beginning in 2005, Nadya Fatira joined the 'Inspirational Joni', an indie dance rock band from Bandung who have first known of its participation in the OST album compilation of Catatan Akhir Sekolah Movie. With the different vocals between Nadya Fatira and the previous vocalist, she was able to bring a different touch of for 'Inspirational Joni'. In mid 2006, 'Inspirational Joni' issuing an EP titled "Inspirational Joni" or self-titled debut.

Nadya Fatira started early career leap since the launch of the EP of 'Inspirational Joni', as well as their video clip aired in an event in O'channel which then delivers them in # 1 position for several weeks in the charts. Start slowly, since then Nadya busy with a series of schedules, such as interviews on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, appearances on Global TV and Metro TV, and concerts in several cities until she came to the neighbor country, Malaysia.

At the end of 2007, Nadya decided to resign from 'Inspirational Joni' and working on his solo album project. Together Irwan Simandjuntak as producer / arranger, Ekry Kusnadi as a producer / head of management of the figure of Management, and under the label Shumakky Music,

Armed with the ability to play musical instruments and write songs, Nadya Fatira began to realize his dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. This is evident from the ten songs that are the result of his own making. The execution of this album was done by Nadya themselves with music arranged by Irwan Simanjuntak (Barry Manilow, Rio Febrian, Project Pop, etc.) which is known as one of the best arranger of this country. Nadya had the opportunity to play the guitar in several songs in this album. But Andre also played a strong Dinuth donate guitars & solo filled with a thick atmosphere of the living rock. The album, titled "My Story" is homage to pop rock and packed in a catchy, simple, easy listening, but still classy. This album gave birth to a lot of songs that could become mainstays, such as Go Away & Deliver.

Single Go Away talks about the sound and spirit from the standpoint of an independent woman and never despaired. This song is packed with upbeat atmosphere and the guitar distortion but still interesting for pushing scrutiny. While "Lepaskan" is a ballad with a very 'catchy'. In addition, Nadya Fatira began to increase her presence in the music world by writing several songs for other singers. Year 2009 is assisted by Shumakky Music as executive producer Nadya start Fatira prepared solo album "My Story" to be released.

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