Ariel Peterporn - Ariel Peterpan Video Scandal

Ariel Peterporn - Ariel Peterpan Video Scandal.
Today, the term has become very popular in various discussion forums, and social networking on the internet, especially on Twitter. Peterporn became the first sequence Trending Topics, outperformed the general topics that are currently hot including the iPhone 4 and even Cut Tari. Ariel Peterporn term appears due to the circulation of video Luna Maya dan Ariel Peterpan, and then followed with the emergence of video Ariel Peterpan dan Cut Tari on the internet. Ariel Peterporn term also attract people outside the country, down to Hollywood Celebrities.

Blessed with handsome faces, famous and became frontman of the top Band in Indonesia, Ariel Peterporn often become an easy targets of gossip Artis Indonesia. Especially about his love story with some beautiful women. Although he has been bearing the status of a widower with one child, but the figure of Ariel was still able to hypnotize beautiful women including the Indonesian celebrities. Ariel was like a rock star who could never escape the shadow of beautiful women. Some women are reportedly close to Ariel Peterporn is Amy Lee, Melly Herlina, Bunga Citra Lestari, Intan Muchtar, Audy Item, Andhara Early, Aura Kasih, Luna Maya, Cut Tari, and Sarah Amalia (former wife of Ariel).

 Ariel Peterporn - Ariel Peterpan Video Scandal

Until now, people are still continue to wait for the continuation of the case of Ariel Peterporn video. We still don't know when the Video Scandal Ariel Peterpan and Amy Lee, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Melly Herlina, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Bunga Citra Lestari, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Intan Muchtar, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Audy Item, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Andhara Early, or Scandal Video Ariel Peterpan and Sarah Amalia, or scandal Video Aura Kasih and Ariel Peterpan, will appear on the Internet.

Hopefully the police can stop the circulation of these Ariel Peterporn videos up here.

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Hebat juga si Ariel ini! Tarikan suara hebat dan juga goyangnya mantap..

Kita tunggu satu bulan lagi apakah peterporn menghilang atau tambah dahsyat

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