Video Ariel - BCL Dan Video Ariel - KD?

Video Ariel - BCL Dan Video Ariel - KD? The hottest issues of Ariel Peterporn case with his hot video is about the circulation of video ariel - bcl in Manado, North Sulawesi. Less than a week, Ariel and BCL video has been scattered by the selling price reached Rp.400.000,-. But is it true that the video is played by Ariel Peterpan and Bunga Citra Lestari a.k.a Ariel and bcl?

So far, BCL and husband, Ashraf Sinclair, continues to deny these rumors. Ashraf even confessed that he really trusted his wife, he is also not interested in thinking about Ariel and bcl videos, and prefer to concentrate more on his wife's pregnancy.

Nevertheless, the circulation of videos like bcl and Ariel undoubtedly make BCL become stressful. She never dreamed that she would be associated with the Ariel Peterpan video case.

Meanwhile, there is a latest gossip that circulating on internet about a woman whose initials KD. The gossip said that KD is one of the woman who had slept with Ariel Peterpan. Krisdayanti who is very identical with the initials KD reacted instantly, and through her lawyer she denied that the initials KD was pointed at her and she also denied ever dealing with Ariel. KD really interesting to watch the video Ariel - KD if the video existed. Is it true that the video Ariel - BCL, and video Ariel - KD really exist? Just wait for the latest gossip.

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