Download Video Shinta And Jojo Keong Racun

Keong Racun, a song popularized by Lissa, Indonesian dangdut singer, creating a sensation in cyberspace. Dangdut genre songs that tell about the affair had even become a hot topic on twitter with keyword "Shinta And Jojo Keong Racun".

Keong Racun furor began when the song was sung lipsync by two beautiful women who pose as Shinta and Jojo. They record their action then uploaded to youtube. "Keong Racun" was eventually become popular, bringing fame to Jovita Adityasari (19) a.k.a Jojo, a student majoring in International Relations (IR) Pasundan University (Unpas), and Shinta Nuriansyah (19), students of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in Bandung.

The first singer of the song "Keong Racun", Lissa, admitted happy after seeing Keong Racun sung on YouTube and liked by many people. Lissa even want to immediately meet with Shinta-Jojo duo who popularized "Keong Racun" on YouTube.

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Download Video Shinta And Jojo Keong Racun

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