Tokek Racun vs Keong Racun

Tokek Racun vs Keong Racun. Different ways people use to gain popularity. After the video lip sync by Shinta and Jojo titled Keong Racun became popular, now on youtube there is a guy who returned the song "Shinta And Jojo Keong Racun" with a song called Tokek Racun.

The song was also uploaded on YouTube by a user with the name of Mr. X-Katrok. The difference is, people who upload video Tokek Racun did not show his face. Video Shinta and Jojo, are still used.

 Tokek Racun vs Keong Racun

Lyrics of the song in the video duration was 5.35 minutes mocking the girl, returning mockery in the song Keong Racun. This is a piece of Tokek Racun lyric:

Dasar kau tokek racun
sudah dibayar, eh nolak tidur
ngomong gak mau ML,
tau kau tetap terus nempel

Eh, kau lebay sekali
Pakai basa-basi kau nolak happy-happy
Eh, gaya malu-malu
Pakai basa basi kau nolak happy-happy

Sorry sorry sorry, jeng
Kau cantik tapi gendheng
Sorry sorry sorry, mbak
Kau memang cewek murahan.

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