Profile Titi Sjuman "IMB" - Biography

Profile Titi Sjuman - Biography
Titi Handayani Rajobintang or Titi Sjuman is a music teacher who later pursue movie acting. Titi Sjuman, is a lecturer in the Institute of Music Power Kemang, and have the skills to play a musical instrument drum. Titi teaching music with her husband, Aksan Sjuman or Wong Aksan, former drummer for the group Dewa 19.

Titi Sjuman first entered the movie world when she starred in Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet. Through this film, Titi was selected as Best Newcomer Actress in 2008 Indonesia Movie Award (IMA), set aside rival Sarah Sechan, Sandra Dewi, Susan Bachtiar, Volland Humonggio, Marrio Merdithia and Adadiri Tanpalang.

Titi Sjuman once again received the award through her acting in Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet. In FFI 2009 she was crowned as Pemeran Utama Wanita Terbaik, and along with her husband, Wong Aksan, she was selected as the Best Music Playground in the movie KING.

Profile Titi Sjuman "IMB" - Biography

Currently, Titi Sjuman widely known, as the jury in the talent search program, "Indonesia Mencari Bakat", which aired on Trans TV every Saturday and Sunday.

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