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Foto Dewi Cinta a.k.a Dewi Cinta Photos in a Hot Pose. Dewi Cinta, Beautiful Model and Indonesian sexy singer, get criticism from his own family after Dewi Cinta hot photos appeared on the covers of adult magazines Popular, latest edition.

Dewi Cinta was reportedly very fond of being photographed with the appearance of being sexy. Dewi Cinta said that it has been a hobby since a long time ago, even just for personal collection.

"Frankly, I most liked when asked to pose with sexy clothes and slightly open by accentuating the body parts which I thought was hot. But the pictures so far just so personal collections only and is not to be distributed to the public." said Dewi Cinta.

Well, are you one of those who are looking for Foto Dewi Cinta? Here is a collection of hot Dewi Cinta's Photos. Not fulgar, but still shows the beauty and comeliness of Dewi Cinta's body.

Koleksi Foto Dewi Cinta - Photos Gallery

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